Funny Mug: 6 reasons why it’s a great gift idea.

When you receive an invitation to celebrate some particular occasion, first you are feeling pleased, but suddenly, one question is in your head - what to buy for a gift? There are so many occasions that it is just enough to fit into the calendar: birthday, anniversary, Christmas, wedding. Are there universal gifts that are suitable for all occasions?

Here you will find our entire collection of funny mugs: from interesting shapes and design mugs to mugs with inscriptions and pictures. From now on, the mug can be used not only for the purpose - to drink tea or coffee, but also to make a visual use - to decorate your home and to raise your mood in the morning. Mugs with pictures, notes or cute design mugs are an excellent gift for mom, dad, close friend, or loved boy or girl. In this article, you will find out why a funny mug is a brilliant gift idea.

1. They are suitable for people of gender or age.

A funny mug is suitable for any person because it can be used by child, male, female, elderly, everybody! If you are in a close relationship, it can be even better, because you know what the particular person likes, what he adores and you can make it an original version just for that person. And besides, every human being is drinking tea, coffee or pure water, so a mug is a necessity for everybody.
For example, it is an excellent solution to buy a funny mug for a gift if you do not know for who you are buying it. Let's say that you are having a Christmas party at your office and everybody needs to buy a gift. The biggest problem that you are facing - you do not know for who you are buying a present. It can be a female, a male, or even your boss who is older than you. So, purchasing a funny mug and maybe putting a funny joke on it can be the best solution in this case.

2. Very useful and practical.

We all like a cup of hot chocolate in the cold winter evening, so a mug is a necessary thing. But also, people want to collect items, such as mugs for example. And if you have an invitation to a birthday party, but do not know what to give for a gift, a funny cup is a brilliant idea. Maybe that person is collecting cups already, or perhaps you will inspire him to start. It can become a beautiful decoration to a kitchen or other room, or just a funny joke with some added personality to make someone feel special.
Also, there are many DIY with mugs, and if you are buying a funny cup like a present, maybe it will turn out like a very original decoration. You can make a candle from a mug, or even a holder, and when you are making it personal to the receiver of this gift, it can turn out to be the best gift that he or she has ever had.


funny mugs


3. Inexpensive (usually between 15 to 20 dollars).

We all want to stay on a budget when it comes to buying a gift. A funny mug is not an expensive gift, but it can be very valuable for a person. Especially if you are personalizing it or adding a photo on it. Besides, you do not need to spend hundreds, or even thousands on a perfect gift to make someone happy. Buying a funny mug and make somebody smile can be better than any gift worth more money. Also, you will be satisfied, because you will stay on a budget. Even, if you are decorating your mug with a picture or some quote, it will still not cost you more than you think. Besides, the best gifts are not always the most expensive ones.

4. The mugs can be easily personalised for you.

Just imagine a situation: you are far away from your close friend, or a person that you love and have missed a lot. Waking up in the morning, having a cup of coffee, and thinking about him or her. It would be great to remember all the funny memories that you have made. Nowadays, you can personalize your mug by putting a picture on it, or even write some quotes. So you can gift this kind of cup the next time you will see your close friend, to always be near, especially in the morning. Just put some funny picture of you and your friend together and packed it. A smile is guaranteed. Secondly, you can write an inspirational quote to motivate a person. Nothing feels better than motivation in the morning for the day ahead!

5. Don't need to choose the right size or style.

Don't need to worry about sizes and if it will fit.
It is frustrating when you want to buy a gift that requires to know the size for it. It can be clothes, shoes, even accessories like rings or watches. Then you are ending up buying the wrong size of an item, and all the joy are fading away. You have to return it or replace it. Do not put yourself in such a horrible situation and buy a funny mug. It does not require to know the size, as it is universal. Even you can buy it in a bigger size and insert a larger picture or more writing. Sometimes you can make it even more original, and buy a few small funny mugs, and put a few different pictures that you want to tell a story, or write separate words to make a short sentence. The sizing does not matter when you are buying a funny mug for a gift. You do not need to ask tricky questions about a person's size and the most important; you will make that person smile!

6. They are more enviromentally friendly than plastic mugs.

It is essential to use environmental-friendly items to make sure that we will keep our planet clean. Plastic materials are breaking down slowly and pollutes our world. So to buy a ceramic mug is a solution. It can be reusable, especially if you are purchasing a takeaway mug for a present. Then, next time the person that you are buying a gift for is going to a coffee shop can ask to make a drink into your purchased funny mug. Besides, every time we are throwing away the plastic cups and in this way increasing the pollution of our planet.
Secondly, a ceramic mug is stronger and does not bend that easy than the plastic one. Just need to be more careful, because it is fragile and can get cracks easily, opposite to the plastic ones. Besides, ceramic mugs do not get hot that fast as the plastic ones, because they are made from thicker material.

In conclusion, if you have an occasion and you do not have any idea of a gift to buy, also you want to stay on a budget and make someone's day happy - buy a funny mug! There are many shops and online stores that you can get an inspiration for a funny mug, and also, any information about the prices, what will you need to make sure that it would be the best present. Also, do not forget, that it is essential to pack your gift very nicely. It is unnecessary to wrap it in the best way, but try to make it tidy and decent. Even you can pack your funny mug according to the theme of it. For example, if your funny cup is for a person, who loves chocolate, you can put it in a bag full of sweets. It will be also not expensive, bet the effect and smile are guaranteed.