Originally, t-shirts were white, and worn under a uniform for Marines - but then quickly gained popularity among work...

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Originally, t-shirts were white, and worn under a uniform for Marines - but then quickly gained popularity among workers in many industries. Later on, because of how easy it was to clean and put on, it became the shirt of choice for young boys. Starting from the 1950s t-shirts became normal to wear them as a standalone piece of clothing for general outdoor wear. They started appearing in every single color, with white no longer being the only option. And later on - you could start buying cool t-shirts with words, labels, images, and patterns on them.

Ever since then, there’s been a huge array of unique shirts you can choose from - there are different options for every single event and holiday, as well as political parties, politicians, jokes, slogans, brands, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Every single business can now print a couple of tshirts, and have free advertisements walking around. There’s good quality t-shirts like those printed in Australia, and bad quality ones imported from somewhere else. The best types of t-shirts are those that reflect you, what you stand for, and what you want to say to the world. It can be a funny joke that fits your personality, a funny slogan you like, or even a custom t-shirt that you personalised. With Printo, you’ll be getting cheap cool tees that were both designed and printed in Australia - with pure, soft, long-lasting 100% cotton, made to meet Australian sizes.

You’ll be choosing from unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else - only you and other Printo customers have a chance to buy these funny T-shirts online. Some categories you’ll love include: Funny Slogans T shirts: Tell the world what’s on your mind, or just have some fun with your life - wear a cool slogan that gets people talking. Joke a little bit with the world, show that you don’t take yourself too seriously with a Tee that says; ’chubby guys cuddle better’. If people have been talking about you, and you’ve been traveling somewhere - a cool shirt that says “Back by Popular Demand” will get you a nice laugh or two. If you’re going out to the bar, and you’ve been thinking this; “Buy me another drink - you are still ugly”, then you’ll love wearing it.

Another category you’ll love is the Bucks Party T-Shirts: Don’t go to your bachelor party without one of these. Whether you’re the groom, the best man, or the groomsman - there’s funny shirts for you. Or if you’re feeling a bit more formal - get a tuxedo T-shirt to show it. If it’s a hen bachelorette party - a shirt saying “Girls Rule” is sure to get some laughs. If you’re the bride - Proclaim to the world that you’ve won the marriage game with a shirt saying “I got one!”. If you’ve been telling your friend to not get married, and that it’s a bad idea - remind him with a “Slave to the Ring” shirt. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll remember that you warned him about it. People around will be even more impressed if you get our funny bucks night shirts for the whole team.

And the last category - one that EVERYONE loves - is the custom and personalised t-shirts category: Why does everyone love it? Simple. Every single Tee shirt you’ll find in this category says exactly what you want it to say. It’s personalised to you, and is completely unique to you. For almost all normal shirts, everyone can just go to the store and get them. But for custom shirts - you’re the only one with that unique piece of art, and it’s yours. You can choose from one of the pre-made patterns, where you’ll fill in either your quote, your name, or your birthyear. You’ll be able to create a ‘Keep calm and [your text here]’ slogan, or tell the world who your kids are with a cool shirt saying; “This Daddy belongs to [your kids names]”. And there’s also the completely custom glow-in-the-dark shirt you’ll love. You can put in any text you want, and you’ll be getting back a shirt that glows at night and tells the world your message. Perfect for those late-night parties - charge it up during the daytime with some light, and you’ll make it easy to spot and notice you when it’s dark out. Scroll down below, and pick our cool t shirts online that fit your message, your life, and your sense of humor perfectly. You’ll love the result.