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6 Ways to convince people around you to go Vegan

Friday, 4 May 2018 8:42:51 am Australia/Melbourne

6 Ways to convince people around you to go Vegan.

Going vegan is often considered the best choice we ever made. Avoiding animal products in our everyday life is pretty easy, but what can we do to have more impact?

The decision of going vegan is often taken alone, but it doesn’t mean we have to abandon our social life. Being the only vegan in a social group can be hard or discouraging.

From wearing vegan T-shirts to sharing vegetarian food at parties, we have collected 6 simple and unique ways to achieve this goal.

1. Share vegan food during social events

Food is obviously the thing we all have in common. Planning a dinner with family and friends is always nice and is a great occasion to offer plant-based food without them knowing. As some people might refuse food only because it is vegan, reveal this little secret only after they taste and like it. Start with some simple stuff everybody would love, like a cake. Going directly towards tofu, seitan or tempeh might be too scary and obvious if you don’t announce before that the food is vegan.

Also, you don’t have to keep the vegan food only for your family and friends, any social events is a great occasion to share some vegan food. Any school events, neighbourhood events or just coffee break at work is a great moment to bring vegan cakes for everyone to try. Without mentioning it is vegan, let everyone try it and people will naturally come ask you what it is, then reveal it is vegan.

2. Talk about it

Even when you are avoiding the subject, there is always at least one person who knows you are vegan and will want to question it. When it happens in a large group, you might feel ambushed and frustrated. The key here is to stay calm and nice while explaining why you went vegan. Some people will bring up this subject in a large group of people only to see if you will perpetuate the angry vegan stereotype. Be positive and explain all the benefits you’ve enjoyed so you can let the other people know. Maybe some people will come to you to ask some sincere question!

3. Get and wear inspiring vegan related clothes

One of the best way to promote veganism is clothes. You wear them, you don’t have to talk but at the same time you promote veganism. The most common and popular clothes you will find are the “powered by plants” and “friends not food”. A simple vegan T-shirt or cap can make people come to you to ask some questions about veganism and you can take these moments to educate people and convince them to at least give a try to veganism.

T-shirts are great if you are willing to be approached by people and having a group of friends to all wear vegan clothing can make you feel way more empowered.

By wearing vegan related apparel, even if nobody approaches you, you will still spread a great message.

4. Promote veganism on social medias

On social medias you might connect with more people than in real life. So, by sharing videos, articles, studies on veganism, you might touch more people and spread the message even further. What is great with social medias is that you can also join the vegan community at any moment and share your stories, new studies and information. You will also be able to answer people’s questions at any time and be more approachable, as talking to someone is easier through a screen than in real life. If you can make friends through a screen, you can convince people to go vegan through a screen. With all the communities on social medias, you will surely find one you fit in and you will be able to make some people go vegan.

5. Show people vegan documentaries

There are plenty of documentaries promoting veganism, with some talking about the health impact, the environment impact or some directly about the animals. There are three documentaries that are very famous and made a lot of people go vegan, they are so famous people often recommend watching the three in a row to understand everything.

“Earthling” is a documentary about how the animals are treated, for 95 minutes it shows horrible footage of what is going on in the meat industry, the horrible treatment and death of the animals.

“Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” is the most famous documentary about the environmental impact of the animal agriculture and shows the policies of famous environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network.

“Forks over Knives” is a documentary about health, shows how some degenerative diseases are related to the meat-based diet with strong proof and also shows how it can be altered with a plant-based diet.

These three documentaries are free to watch online and sharing them is a great way for people to understand the need to go from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet.

6. Become an activist

Sharing awareness around you as a vegan can already be counted as activism. But the truth is that you can always do more, and you can do it multiple ways. You can become part of a vegan activist organization and use your money and your time to spread awareness even further. The keys to effective activism are politeness, respect, dialogue and help.

To become a great activist, you might also have to adjust your target audience. Older people are often not responsive when talked about making some change in their diets. A young audience will listen more easily and will be more acceptive to the dialogue. Plus, it’s our generation and the future generation that really need to make the change.

In conclusion, going vegan is easy. Staying vegan is easy. Sharing awareness and convincing people to join you on the vegan journey can be harder but isn’t impossible. With respect and dialogue, convincing people to go vegan is just a matter of time. Alone or in a group, activism is the true way to make the changes happen. Being a voice for the voiceless is important, no matter how you do it.

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